What they say about us?

Trisha, 35 - Housewife

"My spouse, who always drunk and beats me, is the reason I'm like this. I just keep on for the sake of our kids. Divorce is something that I want to do, but I will be humiliated about it later. Only this center are the safe environment for me to express myself because they respect my privacy. Now, I am more confidence in speaking out while dealing with my husband, I feel better. Thank you very much."

Narvin, 40 – Mechanical Engineer
Grief / Low self-esteem

"My life has changed since the divorce; my wife has been cheating on me for a long time. I've been expelled by her. Until a buddy introduced me to this centre one day. Now I'm ready to embrace the reality. I feel really satisfied with this centre because of the reasonable price and wide experiences."

Akmal, 39 – Lecturer

"Despite all of the symptoms I was suffering, I hid this emotion for years and never sought medical care. My thinking is improving after a few sessions with the counsellor; I'm no longer having negative ideas, and I'm determined to keep going forward. I don't have to hide anything from these counsellor because they don't judge me."

Sofea, 25 – Social Media Influencer
LGBT / Family Relation

"I was born as a guy and transformed into a woman. I was kicked out of my family because of the harsh comments. I no longer have any relations with my families. Fortunately, they were the ones who introduced me to this center. This facility gives me the courage to communicate with my family once more. This center means a lot to me."

Hilmi, 37 – Banker

"No one seems to mind that I was born into a broken family. There is no language for love, thus the sense of loneliness is simply me latent. This center is the place where I express all my emotions. The consultants are extremely helpful. I like it when they inquire about my well-being on a regular basis. This company comes highly recommended by me."

Anne K., 40 – Marketing Manager
Marriage Failure

"3 times I married and then divorced. Men upset me greatly. When I began to feel humiliated with my family and friends looked down on me, I sought treatment from the centre. Being in the center allows me to be more open and at ease in this circumstance."

Robert, 37 – Entrepreneur
LGBT / Relation

"People perceive me as happy and cheerful, with a family and a great deal of money. However, I continue to keep secrets from my wife, I am a bisexual. I feel bad at times, but I also miss the man that I refer as my spouse too. I tried but failed to transform myself. After three months at the centre, I began to forget about my forbidden love. These centres are trustworthy."

Patricia, 19 - Student
Abuse / Anxiety / Depression

"My parents were frequently fight and beat each other when I was a kid. I was so sad at the school until I’ve been diagnose with anxiety and depression. My emotions are more stable when I having an online emotional support with this center. It is cheap yet effective, and there ready for you 24/7."